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Susan Feinburg
   Executive Producer 

SMASH Productions of The Villages earned a reputation for high energy musicals, comedies and events in just four short years. We bring together the best talent in The Villages including singers, dancers, musicians, and comedians to create top notch productions of original scripts and popular favorites. We’re proud of our sold out shows, starting back in 2016 with “USO: Celebrating 75 Years of Entertainment,” followed by “Love & Marriage.” Our original Disney show review “When You Wish Upon a Mouse” was so well received that we developed another script for a second show. We performed Nunsense by Dan Goggins to an enthusiastic crowd in 2017. Nuncrackers and Nunset Boulevard became a habit with Villager.


Delayed due to Covid-19, the first SMASH production in 2021 is ”Rhapsody In Rhythm, The Best of the Gershwin Brothers and Porter“ on November 3rd-5th. Imagine the TV show “The Honeymooners” updated and relocated to The Villages and you have “Honeymooners From New York to The Villages.” We’ve put together an amazing cast for a first-time performance of our hilarious original script in 2022.  Also coming in 2022 is “Sound of Music,” featuring some familiar and some exciting new local talent.


Local talent makes SMASH productions special.  SMASH was founded by Susan Sirmai Feinberg and a group of talented Villagers who wanted to create a professional theatre company that could perform on a big stage and provide performance opportunities for Villagers. The vision continues to discover and nurture new talent while working with the incredible known local to produce shows that are spectacular and professional. Some of the performers, crew and directors have been involved with SMASH since its inception. The SMASH family has a lot of fun, behind the scenes and on stage, and audiences pick up on the energy. We welcome newcomers to audition for shows or join our backstage teams. We also keep our eye out for creative original scripts.

Many talented individuals have helped SMASH mature to produce a level of quality entertainment, including two of our experienced directors. Barry Corlew is directing “Rhapsody In Rhythm” and “Honeymooners From New York to The Villages.” Bob Stehman, who directed the three Nunsense Shows, will direct the iconic “Sound of Music.” Both directors  have been with the company from Day One. Future shows will bring multimedia and technology into performances to enhance the audience experience as directed by Jeff Jagmin.


SMASH consistently donates to local charities and nonprofits including Villages Honor Flight, Villagers for Veterans, USO, SOZO, Patriot Service Dogs, and JWV. At the “Rhapsody In Rhythm” Show, there will be a donation table and toy drive for Toys for Tots and Your Humane Society SPCA, The SMASH family believes strongly in giving back to the communities that give us so much.

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