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“9 to 5” is a Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Dolly Parton and book by Patricia Resnick. It is based on the 20th Century Fox Picture. This musical comedy centers on three office workers who turn the tables on their sexist boss. The show features original numbers from Dolly Parton such as “Backwards Barbie” “Shine Like the Sun” and the original hit song “9 to 5”. Outrageous, thought-provoking and even a little romantic. The year is 1979 and you hear that familiar “9 to 5” tune as Dolly Parton sets up the show in her opening monologue: (Just imagine Dolly's voice in your head) 

Dolly: “Well, hey there everybody! When I hear that sound, it takes me back to a time before 

computers and cell phones. Back when apples and blackberries were somethin' I'd pick behind the barn. 

We're goin' back to 1979 when a gallon of gas ran you about 86 cents, shag rugs, pet rocks and disco were the hottest things around and it seemed like your whole life existed between the hours of 9 to 5. Back then there was no such thing as office assistants. We were just secretaries! And the boss wasn't interested in no women's movement. Unless of course it was happening under his desk!” 

Auditions will include singing, dancing/movement and script readings. You do not need to prepare your 

own song or monologue. Music and excerpts of the script will be provided at the audition. Everyone 

will sing a portion of “9 to 5” and participate in dance movement. Based on singing and dance movement, you may be asked to read from selected readings and/or sing a song from the show [ we will 

teach you the song] 

Audition Dates are: 

Saturday, April 6th from 9 to Noon, Manatee Rec Center

Tuesday, April 9th from 6 pm to 9 pm, Eisenhower Rec Center

Thursday, April 11th from 5pm to 8 :30 pm, Big Cypress Rec Center

Past Shows and Events

October 10-12,  2023 The Villages, Fl.

March 30 - April 1,  2023 The Villages, Fl.

 November 8-10, 2022  The Villages, Fl.

 September 22, 2022  The Villages, Fl.

 March 15-17, 2022 The Villages, Fl.

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